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Integrated Navigation System purposes to reduce by ergonomic improvement of a working environment such as a design of workstation and man-machine interface. In emergency case that requires ship's crew immediate actions to prevent a collision or grounding, these elements are highly effective.


Effective support of monitoring navigation condition

  • The system linked with navigation sensors and relevant equipment improves the reliability and applicability of navigation data, and realizes the data sharing onboard.
  • The system provides the measurement for navigation alarm monitoring and transfer to backup officer, if an officer of watch would be in accident.

Applicability for automatic tracking control

  • The automatic tracking control, that has the fail-safe function on considering the environmental such as abnormal sensor situation and current affection, is utilized.
  • The control that is applied for the vessels of various types to automatically maneuver will be effect for economical operation.

Information concentration

  • The information such as alarm indicating collision / grounding avoidance or failure of components shows on the information screen with concentrated in the system.
  • This function will be effect to reduce the stress in watch, also capable to take a quick action in emergence scene.