Handy Search NJJ-105

  • RC Radar



Main specifications

Item Performance
System Electromagnetic radar
Search target Reinforcing steel bars, vinyl chloride pipes, cavities, etc.
Covering thickness 5 to 300mm (For top reinforcement while the relative dielectric constant of concrete is 6.2 and the reinforcing steel bar diameter is 6mm or more)
Resolution of covering depth Shallow mode: About 1mm, Deep mode: About 2mm
Resolution in horizontal direction Search target at a depth below 75mm: 75mm or more
Search target at a depth of 75mm or more:
Interval equivalent to the depth or more
* Actual measurements with standard concrete (Possible to determine rebar at 40mm intervals from 75 and 175mm deep)
Resolution in horizontal distance 2.5mm
Maximum search distance 15m
Display mode B mode (vertical sectional view), BA mode (vertical sectional view, reflected waveform display)
Image processing With search: Automatic real-time surface wave processing, manual real-time subtraction processing, and real-time user surface wave processing
Without search: Fixed surface wave processing, user surface wave processing, manual surface wave processing, average wave processing, peak processing, original image replay processing
Display TFT color LCD (640 x 480bits)
Depth calibration 2.0 to 20.0 in steps of 0.1
Maximum scanning rate About 40cm/s with over-speed alarm buzzer provided
Control function Cursor mark (up to 42 points), battery capacity display, screen inversion
Output function Dedicated-printer output function (IrDA)
Search data recording function
Memory capacity
Data saved in compact flash memory.
Approximately 200 passes(15-m search data saved in binary format) when using 1-GB memory
Temperature range 0°C to +50°C
Power supply Battery pack, AC adapter (optional)
Continuous use time About 1.5 hours (with the battery pack being fully charged)
Structure Splash/rain resistant
Dimensions About 149 (W) x 147 (H) x 216 (D) mm
Weight About 1.2kg (battery pack included)

Standard components

Product name Model Quantity Remarks
Handy Search NJJ-105 With integrated antenna
Accessories Instruction manual 1
Battery for main unit BP-3007 series 1 Lithium ion battery
Battery charger for BP-
BC-3008 series 1 For the battery pack
AC cable CB-JP05 1 For the battery charger
Hand strap H-7ZCMD0018 1 To prevent dropping
Compact flash
TS1GCF80 1 1GB (for approx. 3km or 1.9miles data)
Case H-7ZYMD0027 1 Storage for printer etc.


Product name Model Remarks
Battery pack for Handy Search BP-3007 For Handy Search
Battery charger set for BP-3007 CBK-154 Battery charger and AC cable
Printer set CMZ-303 Printer and battery pack
Recording paper (10 rolls)
Battery pack for printer set BP-L0720 series For printer set
Battery charger set for BP-L0720 CBK-254 Battery charger and AC cable
AC adapter set CBD-2485 AC adapter and AC cable
Recording paper TP451C 10 rolls per box

Recommended PC editing software

Product name Remarks
Radar 3D_Light Surface image synthesis software for PC
RC report maker Surface image analysis software for PC