Radar JMA-2300MK2 SERIES

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Simple operation

Smooth and simple operation is guaranteed with the solid and responsive touch of the keys.

Image:Simple operation

Multi key

This allows you immediately run through and go into all various menus by rotate and press.

Image:Multi key

Soft keys

The display unit incorporates 4 soft keys, just below the displayImage:Soft keyscorresponding to the most used functions of a specific operation using the multi key. You instantly see the options you have, without loosing the sight of the radar picture.

Cursor key

The cross key is a multi functional add on to the display. Move the cursor and go through menus.


This JMA-2300MK2 radar series supports the English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Norwegian.


The radar is capable of picking up SART signals, enabling an immediate response for search and rescue efforts.

Image:Simple operation