Echo sounder/Fish finder:JFC-7050

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Image:Echo sounder/Fish finder JFC-7050 -the high performance echo sounder/fish finder JFC-7050 guarantees accuracy and reliability



The JFC-7050 echo sounder/fish finder incorporates a high brightness 7-inch display and simple operation, allowing for flexibility and highly accurate and reliable read-out functionality.

Dual frequency

The JFC-7050 displays echoes on both 50 and 200kHz frequency.

Generally the lower frequency is more suitable for bottom discrimination, while the high frequency is more useful for shallow water detection.

This enables you to see the differences on both frequencies more clearly, giving you better potential for a more profitable catch.


JRC's new echo sounder/fish finder incorporates a 7-inch high definition color LCD display.
The preferred display mode can be easily selected and operation is made simple through the use of popup menus similar to those found on personal computers.


Bottom zoom/lock

The bottom zoom and lock display mode provides a split display with a magnified image of the sea bottom, while maintaining a normal sea bottom view as reference.


By selecting the A-scope presentation mode, you will receive a detailed and real time representation of fish and bottom features passing through the beam of the transducer.


The JFC-7050 incorporates a variety of alarms for fish finding, water and navigation data alarms, contributing to safer navigation and more efficient fish finding.

Automatic functions

Automatic gain, STC and range settings permit the bottom echo to be displayed on the screen at all times, ensuring easy operation - even for the novice user.