GPS/GNSS Module CCA-780

  • GPS Module




Supports Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS)

The QZSS is operating on an orbit close to the zenith over Japan and provides improved positioning accuracy and positioning fix rate, compared to stand-alone GPS, by receiving more satellite signals even in the mountain area and urban canyons.

In-house Development of the only GNSS Chip in Japan

Developing our own hardware and software, we can offer excellent support services.
We continue to deliver highly reliable performance based on our experience in the on-vehicle equipment market.

GPS Module with Integrated Antenna

Compact size of 14mmÁE4mmÁE.95mm and high sensitivity (by customized specification).

Time Synchronization Function

Highly reliable time can be acquired by using PPS signals synchronized with the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

Intermittent Positioning (Burst Mode) Function

Intermittent Positioning Function can reduce power consumption in sleep mode down to around 2% of the normal operating mode.

On-vehicle Mode/Walking Mode

On-vehicle mode for a running vehicle and Walking mode for a person using PDA while walking are available. You can switch over to either mode at any time.

Quick Positioning Capability

Positioning completes in a few seconds after power on even if the receiver has been left powered off for a few days. Extraordinary quick positioning is achieved only with GPS, without using any network assistance.