Small Flat Antenna Transportable Flyaway SNG-VSAT IP-SNG ELITE Series

  • Disaster Prevention
  • Satcomm


Image : IP-SNG ELITE Series (Flyaway IP-SNG ELITE)


JRC transportable SNG VSAT with Flat Antenna provides a top class high transmission data rate as SNG VSAT up to 9Mbps*, which can quickly establish a satellite communication link anywhere, anytime for transmitting and receiving IP-based various applications.
IP-SNG Elite series can easily provide LAN environment at remote or disaster site and TV repeater station etc, due to its features as easy to carry, install and connection to the headquarters via satellite. Additionally, IP-SNG Elite series also suitable for applications such as VoIP, Video stream, e-mail, Web browsing, etc.

*subject to the field investigation


Compact Style

With its compact style and lightweight Approx. 20 kg, you can easily carry by yourself.

Quite Easy Installation

With the easy manual antenna-pointing mechanism, no tools, no instruments and no technical expertise for installation, you can install within 3 minutes. Meanwhile, transmitting level can be controlled remotely from control station.

HD Video Transmission

IP-SNG Elite series can transmit IP-based video streaming with various video codec up to 9 Mbits/s. (Note: Transmission rate depends on satellite performance and power density on the transponder.)

Drip-Proof Structure

With the drip-proof structure complying IPX4, resistant to rainfalls in all direction in the rain, you can install IP-SNG Elite on site even in the rain.

Fixed and Transportable (option)

Option products provide you with 2 type utilization. Normally, you can utilize IP-SNG Elite as fixed communication. On emergency, you can carry and utilize IP-SNG Elite as Transportable VSAT.


Transmit Frequency 14 GHz band
Receive Frequency 12 GHz band
Antenna Flat-base type Array Antenna
Saturated EIRP 48.0 dBW
Polarization Linear
Access Scheme SCPC (Full controlled by Hub station)
Modulation QPSK
Information rate Up to 9 Mbits/s
Interface LAN Port:10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
Power Source
(We can address customer need.)
100 to 240 VAC or External Battery (48 VDC)
Power Consumption Less than 400 W
Operating Temperature 0 to 40 ℃
Drip-proofness Based on IPX4 - IEC60529
Operational Wind Speed 14 m/s MAX.
Dimensions (storage) Flat antenna with the integrated BUC and LNB
652 × 122 × 500 mm
300 × 481 × 98 mm
700 × 150 × 150 mm
Weight Less than 20 kg


Image : system configuration


Image : IP-SNG_Elite rear view

Image : IP-SNG_Elite carrying style

Image : IP-SNG_Elite carrying bags

Image : transportable IP-SNG ELITE