NJZ-1900B W-CDMA UE Tester

  • Measuring Instrument


Discontinued on October 31, 2007

Image´╝ÜNJZ-1900B W-CDMA UE Tester

Effective Testing of W-CDMA UE Under Diagnosis of failure,Maintenance and Delivery


NJZ-1900B is designed to perform automatic or manual failure analysis of W-CDMA mobile stations based on 3GPP TS 34.121 specification. It controls via an Ethernet link to PC.


  • User friendly interface with user selectable test items
  • Supports signaling tests: Registration, UE origination and termination, release, and AMR (loop back)
  • Supports RF and power measurements :
    Max / min output power, open / inner loop power control, frequency error, modulation accuracy (EVM),reference sensitivity level, and current consumption

Measuring UE Characteristics

  • Maximum output power
  • Frequency error
  • Open loop power control
  • Inner loop power control
  • Minimum output power
  • Transmit off power
  • Modulation accuracy (EVM)
  • Reference sensitivity level
  • Current consumption

* UE is tested by loop back test interface with 12.2kbps RMC.

Communication Test

  • Registration (Attach)
  • UE origination call (AMR)
  • UE termination call (AMR)
  • Release from Network or UE
  • AMR communication (Loop back at the tester side)

Optional Features

AMR speech CODEC(12.2kbps fixed)