NJZ-1600D Multi-Path Fading Simulator

  • Measuring Instrument


Discontinued on September 30, 2010 Support will close on September 30, 2015



Item Specification
Configuration NJZ-1600D
Number of CH 2
Number of Path 12
Input Signal frequency Range 70 to 340, 460 to 3,000 MHz
Internal local operation : 800 to 2,600 MHz
Pass bandwidth 20MHz
Input level range -20 to -50 dBm
Output level range -20 to -135 dBm
Unit : 0.1 dB
Delay time 0 to 200 use c
Unit : 0.1 nse c
Inter-path relative level 0 to 40 dB, Unit : 0.1 dB
Maximum fading frequency 2,000 Hz
Modulation Rayleigh, Rice, Doppler, Phase
Weight 25 kg or less
Dimensions 425(W)x199(H)x550(D) mm
Operation method
  • 8.4 inch TFT display
  • Switches provided on the panel
    GP-IB, Ethernet (PC control software provided)
Safety standard CSA, CE

Standard components

Product Name Model Number Quantity Remarks
Multi-path fading simulator NJZ-1600D 1 NJZ-1600D including
the dynamic function
Distributor 7AZMD0007 2 For 800 to 3,000 MHz
RF cable 7ZCMD0489 4
U link 7ZCMD0490 2 For local operation
Fuse 1set One for each fuse in use
External control software CYC-279 1 Compatible with Windows®XP
Instruction manual 1
Ethernet cable 1
Inspection report, correction
certificate,traceability certificate
1 Expressed in both
Japanese and English

Optional components

Product Name Model Number Quantity Remarks
Internal AWGN CMB-328A 1
Correlation TX / RX NJZ-1816 1 Will be of the
standalone type.