AIS(Automatic Identification System) JHS-182

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Specifications / Components

Specifications of AIS Transponder [NTE-182]

Range of Frequency 156.025MHz to 162.025MHz
Default Channel 161.975MHz, 162.025MHz
Type of emission F1D, F2B
Type of Modulation GMSK, FSK
Output Power 24VDC (-10%, +30%)
Current Consumption At emission: Max.4.5A
At receiving: Max.1.5A
Operating Temperature -25 deg.C to +55deg.C (IEC60945)

Specifications of AIS Controller [NCM-779]

Display 5.7-inch FSTN LCD
Back Light For LCD and Keypad
Dimmer Control 4 steps including off
Data Interface For Connection Box: 1 (IEC61162-2)
For Pilot-plug: 1 (IEC61162-2)
For Maintenance: 1 (RS-232C)
Power supply 24VDC (-10%, +30%)
Operating Temperature -15 deg.C to +55 deg.C (IEC60945)

Specifications of Connection Box [NQE-3182]

Sensor data interface IEC61162-1: 4
IEC61162-2: 3
NSK: 1 (For Gyro Compass)
Aux data interface IEC61162-2: 2
Aux display interface IEC61162-2: 2
Dry contact for alarm out 1

Specifications of Power Supply Unit [NBD-577B] - Option-

Input Voltage 100/220VAC, 50/60Hz, 1-ph
24VDC (Back-up input)
Output Voltage 24VDC

Standard Components

Name Type Q'ty Remarks
AIS Transponder NTE-182 1 With whip antenna
Connection Box NQE-3182 1
AIS Controller NCM-779 1 With Pilot-plug
Control Cable 7ZCJD0214A 1 L = 10m
Spare Parts 7ZXJD0049 1 Fuse
Instruction Manual 7ZPJD0226 1

Option Components

Name Type Q'ty Remarks
Power Supply Unit NBD-577B 1 100/220VAC
manual switching
NSK Unit NCT-27 1
Flash Mount Kit NCE-5779 1 For AIS Controller
Cable for Pilot-plug CFQ-6961 1 L = 20m
Connection Box for Pilot-plug NQE-3150 1 Wall mounting