JEM-413A W-CDMA Application Tester

  • Measuring Instrument


Discontinued on March 31, 2008 Support will close on March 31, 2013


BTS Simulator for Application Developer


JEM-413A switches a bearer for AMR, packet, or multi-call by conducting simple operations from the terminal without changing the scenario so that terminal application software developers can perform tests under conditions similar to an actual base station.


Internet Server Simulation

  • PPP supported:
  • DNS capability supported

TCP/IP (UserData) Logging

  • U-Plane(User Data)logging and saving and recalling into a file
  • Log display at TCP/IP level

Applicable Service

  • ATTACH/DETACH(Location Update)
  • AMR 12,2k Speech
  • PS Packet(UL;64/DL;384kbps)

Control SW (Windows2000)

JEM-413 HW status display TCP/IP Setting FW update

Option Support

  • CS packet (UDI 64bps)
  • Multi call
  • Audio codec (AV 64K)