Exhibition Information : Singapore Airshow 2024


Japan Radio Co., Ltd. will exhibit its latest Private LTE solution in ATLA booth at the Singapore Airshow 2024 in Singapore taking place on February 20th through February 23rd, 2024.


We will introduce our private LTE solutions for "Wireless Mission Critical Communications". We will showcase our all-in-one portable LTE base station system that immediately creates a high-speed, high-security communication area even in environments where cellular phone lines are not available and enables rapid information gathering through video transmission.

Please stop by the ATLA Booth (Hall A, A-V05), we look forward to seeing you there.


Tactical LTE Box JRL-174

JRL-174 is an All-In-One portable LTE box specially designed for Mission critical operation such as Public Safety, Defence, Utility, Oil and Gas and Mining. It is Military grade and has a highiy ruggedized mechanical design (waterproof and dustproof, vibration and shock-resistance design). It was designed for simple and quick operation, with a start procedure as simple as pressing the power button.



Application for Smartphone

Our MCPTT application is a reliable Mission Critical Communication platform designed for public safety, defense, utility and mining, which can provide functions including MCPTT, MCVideo and MCData.



Our Dispatcher is a tool that gives visibility on the user’s activity. It gathers information from the field and displayed them in a comprehensive way. It includes Client functions such as Push-To-Talk, video call and data communication (Push to Talk, Push to Video, Push to Data), group messaging, GPS users’ location management and can receive and display video from multiple terminals in real time.

image03Application screen

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Exhibition information

Date 20 - 23 February 2024
Place Changi Exhibition Centre (Changi, Singapore)
Booth No. Hall A, A-V05
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JRC Private LTE Solutions Special Web Site

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