Released of the 406 MHz Satellite Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon, Tron 60AIS, Compliant with Latest Revised Performance Standards


Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (JRC) has released the 406 MHz Satellite Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (406 MHz Satellite EPIRB) Tron 60AIS, a radio beacon device for search and rescue that sends out a distress signal when a vessel is in danger. 



When a vessel sinks, the EPIRB rises to the surface and automatically emits a 406 MHz distress signal to the Cospas-Sarsat satellite system. The signal is transmitted via satellite to ground stations in various countries, allowing them to determine the name and location of the vessel in distress from the land side. In addition to the conventional 406 MHz distress signal and the 121.5 MHz distress signal for aircraft search and rescue, the Tron 60AIS can automatically launch an AIS homing signal (150 MHz). These features contribute to enabling even shorter times to locate a vessel in distress.

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