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V650 Series Specifications

Model V650 Series
Radar Antenna NKE-326,330 NKE-339,336 NKE-
Antenna length 9ft 2unit 9ft 3unit 18ft 3unit
Transmitting power 25kW 25kW/SS*1 25kW/SS*1
Rotation speed 24rpm 22rpm
Polarization Horizontal Horizontal(NKE-353,354,355,356)
Frequency 9410(NKE-326,339)/9740MHz(NKE-330,336) 9375(NKE-351,352,353,354)
Dimension Swing Circle x Height /
2825 x 536 mm/ 60kg 2825 x 536 mm/ 53kg 5330 x 634 mm/ 110kg
Installation cable 30/50/100m (between Processor and Scanners)
Environment Temperature: -25 to +55°C, Relative humidity: 93% at +40°C
Radar Data Processor NCE-5548 Max 3 radar composition
Input Signal radar video signal, antenna bearing signal, trigger signal
Video adjustment Function anti sea clutter, scan correlation, sweep integration, anti rain clutter, interference rejects
Alarm Function warning line & area alarm, anchor watch,high/low speed, CPA/TCPA
Automatic Tracking Max 300 targets per station
LAN interface Ethernet 10/100BASE-TX
Power Supply AC100/110/120/220/230/240V
Power consumption 2kVA or less
Dimension (W)x(D)x(H)/Weight 600 x 700 x 1900mm/ 250kg or less
Operation Display NCD-2246
OS Windows7 professional 32bit
Memory 4GB
LAN interface Ethernet 10/100BASE-TX
Presentation radar video image, radar tracked data, alarm data, electronic chart, range mark, bearing scale,
L/L line, EBL/VRM, radar control window, AIS target data(*1) etc
Electronic Chart ENC S63 support (Option)
Record Period 31 days
Record Interval Selectable (10, 30, 60, 90, 120 seconds)
LCD 1920 x 1200 pixel(WUXGA)
Optional items
Dehydrator NZA-283
AIS Receiver kit NZA-288 Max 1000 targets
  AIS Receiver NTE-182BR
  AIS Interface NCX-4282
  Serial IP Converter CMH-2354
AIS Base Station kit NZA-287 Max 1000 targets
  AIS Transponder JHF-307
  VHF Antenna SL-150
  GPS Antenna CCAH32ST14
Additional Operation Display NCD-2246 Max 4 Additional Operation Display
Additional Display NWZ-204 Max 2 Additional Displays per Operation Display
CCTV Camera kit NZA-284
  Camera Station kit Max 1 Camera Station per station
CCTV Camera system with Multi Rack
  CCTV Monitor Display Max 1 CCTV Monitor Display per system
  Digital Recorder Max 1 Digital Recorder per system
Network The network linking from site to site are optionally available.
The following network types are selectable:
・Wireless LAN
・Optical Fiber Cable
・Microwave Network
Others The others, it must be option sales such as a equipment foundation for the installation.

*1 SS: Solid State 200W

・All specifications are subject to change without notification