Image:Simulator Build the original Driving Simulator as per customer's needs.

Brief Summary

The Car Driving Simulator incorporates an image display unit which presents various car driving scenes such as expressways, city areas and mountainous areas. By using this simulator, you can make experiments which might be dangerous with an actual car and repeated tests in the same environment. JRC can provide various simulated environments to meet your needs to support your various research and experiments, allowing the cost reduction, time saving and higher accuracy in your car developments and experiments.

Main Functions

System Flexibility

The simulator is designed to meet each customer's purpose and needs which are different in system configuration and detailed functionality. The driving simulator with high originality will be provided to you.

System Configuration for Purpose of Use

The driving simulator is designed for the purpose of research and development and it is effective to introduce the simulator as an appropriate scale of equipment in a proper timing. The system can be configured flexibly for later upgrading for the future expansions ranging from minor design changes to major modifications.

Functionality for R&D Concepts

JRC recommends new simulation functions to meet new R&D concepts and experiment approaches, supporting your R&D environment considered for user-friendliness foremost.

Preparatory Time Saving for Experiments

By the use of visual user interface and the customized system design for each user, the simulator is designed with consideration to shorten the preparatory time for experiments such as scenario creation time (on the simulator side)

Disclosure of I/O Interface

The JRC driving simulator discloses its interface information as much as possible. In particular, the necessary data including inputs/outputs of the results of motion calculations in the simulator are disclosed to the utmost, allowing the users to create applications after the delivery of the simulator.

Reduction of Running Cost

The disclosure of interface information can reduce the running cost of the simulator. For instance, if the specifications of the image database are disclosed, the user can design the image database independently.

System Components

Image:System Components

Image Display Equipment such as Projector/Screen

  • Screen Dome System

Image:Screen Dome System

  • Projector System
    JRC can flexibly support various needs ranging from adoption of any projector system to selection of any projector manufacturer as specified by the user.

Simulation Vehicle

  • Cockpit System

Image:Cockpit System

  • Reaction Force System
    JRC can support any steering reaction force and any pedal reaction force.

Image:Steering Reaction Force Generator

  • Seat Vibration System
    The seat is equipped with a vibration speaker to realize various running sensations.
  • Audio System
    Various audio systems ranging from a simple type to a reality-pursued type are available.

Motion Base/Translational Motion System

  • Motion System
    The motion system can be customized by using the JRC's original motion cueing software and by incorporating the control logics prepared by the customer.

Software and others

Car Motion Model Operation Software

The simulator incorporates the commercially available car motion model operation software for driving simulation. By connecting the digital analysis software, the user can make model developments.

Log Data Acquisition Software

The software to acquire the log data during simulation is available for the use in data analysis after simulation.

Image Software

Various images can be presented with high resolution at a high refresh rate and in real time on the display screen.

Image:Road Studio

Road Studio

Road Studio is the software to create visual database for the simulator, which can select any necessary topographic features from the topographic database to create a road in the basic topographic scene.

Image:Meter Studio

Meter Studio

The Meter Studio is the software to design and drive the instrument panel which has never been before. It allows a new design checking work to be completed before making the hardware.

Safety Device System

The safety device plays an important role for the simulator using actuators. It can provide system safety by fail-safe functions.

Computer System

Various operation systems including Windows OS and RTOS are available to meet the user's demand.

Signal Distribution System

Various communications protocols such as CAN and FlexRay are available to meet the cockpit as specified by the user.

Driving Simulator for Prior Confirmation

The simulator allows the running confirmation with the gamepad before operating the simulation. The same system configuration as the cockpit system which is equipped with the reaction force system is also available.

Image:Driving Simulator for Prior Confirmation