Coast Radio Station System


JRC is a world-leading supplier of
a full range of MF/HF/VHF coast radio station systems.


Since its first delivery of a coast radio station in Japan in 1921, JRC has manufactured a tremendous number of coast radio stations and contributed to the safety of world shipping. JRC also started the supply of the radio equipment for the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) in 1992, which enables coast radio stations to provide quick and reliable search and rescue communication services. JRC is proud of having the highest supply record of coast radio stations in the world market.
JRC's VHF, MF and/or HF radio equipment are designed for high performance, perfect reliability, ease of operation in accordance with applicable international standards for maritime telecommunications such as IMO, ITU-R and SOLAS.
With its much experience and state-of-the-art technology, JRC can supply necessary equipment for up-to-date coast radio stations as

required by the customers in the following scopes:

  • Supply of new, up-to-date coast radio stations
  • Rehabilitation and renewal of existing coast radio stations
  • Functional upgrading of existing coast radio stations
  • Addition of associated new systems

JRC can offer any type of coast radio station system on a full- or semi-turnkey basis within its scope of work ranging from site survey, system design, supply of equipment to installation, maintenance and training.

Image:JRS-900series HF Transmitter Equipment

Image:JRS-800series NAVTEX Transmitter Equipment

Image:NRD-630 MF/HF Receiver Equipment

Image:JRV-600 VHF Transceiver Equipment

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