Inmarsat Mini-C Mobile Terminal for Ship Security Alert System JUE-95SA

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Image:Inmarsat Mini-C Mobile Terminal for Ship Security Alert System JUE-95SAImage:Inmarsat

The JUE-95SA is a small, lightweight and high reliability terminal and can be installed on any merchant vessels. The user friendly operation software can be loaded onto a personal computer to operate the system.


The Inmarsat Mini-C system offers Inmarsat service for global data communication. The JUE-95SA Inmarsat Mini-C mobile earth terminal is designed for Ship Security Alert System use and provides two-way data/message communications anywhere in the world. Its function to transmit security alert transmission at the threat of terrorism or piracy.

This function is completely conform SOLAS XI-2/6 and IMO MSC Resolution 136(76) / 147(77).



The MES is programmed to automatically respond to a polling command from a land-line subscriber and send out pre-edited messages and various on-board data to him.

Data Reporting

The MES automatically transmits ship's position data and various on-board data by presetting the file name, send-out time and address number, and input of an automatic transmission command.

Self-Testing Facilities

The MES incorporates various self-diagnostic programs to facilitate maintenance and troubleshooting. The self-testing results are displayed on a data terminal equipment.
Automatic testing for performance verification and commissioning via satellite channel is also available.

GPS Receive

By incorporating a JRC compact, high-performance GPS receiver in the EME (Externally Mounted Equipment), position polling and reporting is available.


Store and Forward Message Transfer

Data/messages can be transmitted and received by simple operation.
Store and forward message transfer by ARQ ensures reliable message transmission between the MES and telex or data subscribers through a satellite channel.

DTE and Printer

The DTE and Printer fully meet the latest IMO regurations.

AC/DC Switching Power Supply

In case of failure of the ship's mains (AC source), the power supply is automatically switched over to an emergency DC source.

Buzzer box

When an incoming message is received, the buzzer box generates an audible alarm to advice message reception to the bridge or other places.

Floppy disk drive

Optionally, 3.5 inches two-mode floppy Disk Drive(2HD and 2DD) is available.