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Image:Compatible with Smart Phones and Tablet The JMA-912 is an innovative model of Weather Radar.


X-Band Compact Weather Radar with Fully Solid State Technology

Wide-range radar performance with a compact design.



The JMA-912 system is a compact, all-in-one design consisting of an antenna, an antenna control unit, a transmitter/receiver unit, and a signal processor unit, all of which are housed in a 1.8m high and 1.8m diameter radome. This all-in-one radar can be easily transported and installed.
Weather radar observation can be conducted by using only a general-purpose PC connected to the radar sensor by an optical LAN cable.

Earthquake Resistance

The JMA-912 has dual-polarization/doppler functions and an earthquake-resistant, rugged body. It can be used not only as a fixed station but also as a mobile or transportable station due to its compact design.

High-performance and High-resolution

The JMA-912 is a small mesh resolution weather radar and can be used for local observation such as to observe urban torrential rain. It has the sensitivity to detect a rain phenomenon of 1mm/h at observation range more than 80km. In addition, doppler speed is detected from differences between transmission frequency and reception frequency and each parameter of polarized wave is detected from dual polarization constitution.


The radar control software has a Web interface function. This function makes it possible to perform observation control, operation monitoring, editing of the observation schedule, and viewing of operation history including the alarm information and remote diagnostics of the radar from every PC connected on the network.