JRC Receives Private LTE Project Orders, Which it will Leverage for the 5G Rollout in Japan - Approach and Achievement as a Global Private LTE Vendor -


Japan Radio Co., Ltd. is concentrating on the rollout of solutions, particularly those involving private networks, in Japan and overseas. JRC has received new project orders for private LTE networks *1 for number of applications (notably in public safety) in advanced overseas markets.


JRC starts with the basic concept of providing specialized solutions for private networks that are owned by companies and municipalities and are built for specific applications. We customize the solutions according to various frequencies used around the world, meeting bandwidth requirements and designing area circuits. We provide core networks with software and applications on virtualized networks, offering all-in-one solutions spanning infrastructure configuration to the provision of terminals.

The global market for private networks is forecast to be worth ¥1.7 trillion by 2030. Overseas, private LTE networks are being used in public safety (such as police and firefighting), as well as in such areas as mining, power plants, and offshore rigs. Leveraging its strengths as a "pro in the wireless business," JRC is taking on a variety of private LTE projects, which should position it well for future participation in the rollout of 5G networks.

New Project Orders in Different Countries

Brazil: Private LTE network for Floating Production Storage and Offloading system for MODEC, Inc.

Main uses: Network solutions to improve onboard operating efficiency and DX

Network equipmentNetwork equipment

Offshore plant with private network
Offshore plant with private network

European countries: Onboard private LTE network for police vehicles, for Icom Inc.

Main uses: Broadband communication of mission-critical wireless communications (police application shown above)
Antenna appearanceAntenna appearance
In-vehicle system
In-vehicle system

United States: WISP broadcast internet service for RAYCOM

Main uses: Video contents delivery services in rural areas

Network equipmentNetwork equipment

Antenna appearance
Antenna appearance

India: Portable LTE system

Main uses: Deployment of emergency communication networks for disaster relief operations
INSIGHT-MCX PTT application   INSIGHT-MCX PTT application

Tactical LTE Box
Tactical LTE Box

Features of JRC's Private LTE Networks

As the very few domestic supplier of private LTE networks in overseas markets, JRC has an advantage over such competitors as top suppliers. We offer compact, low-cost system solutions that are ideal for private network users. With a focus on portable base stations (that can be carried in a vehicle or on a person's back) and compact fixed base stations, we create temporary high-speed wireless networks that can be established in just a few minutes at disaster or accident sites where mobile phone and internet services are unavailable. Our systems can also be installed on ocean-going vessels to enable communication within and between vessels.

We provide digital applications that enable the transmission and reception of video and high-volume data on smartphones, as well as applications that enable the monitoring of people's positions and movements. JRC's private LTEs, which help to improve operations in a host of industries, can be migrated to local 5G networks.

At the same time, JRC is enthusiastically moving ahead with local 5G demonstration experiments. We have built up a track record by providing i-construction solutions for sites using iXs Co., Ltd.'s patrolling automated robots, improving monitoring and administrative operations at Nisshinbo Brake Inc.'s Asahi Test Course, and facilitating telemedicine in Hiroshima using the 200 MHz band. We will continue to conduct demonstration experiments with partners in various industries.

JRC will implement private network-specific solutions by leveraging its knowledge and expertise involving private LTE networks overseas, and swiftly deploying them in local 5G demonstrations in Japan and overseas.

*1 : Private LTE Information
JRC Private LTE Solutions Special Web Site

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