JRC engaged exclusive strategic partnership agreement with SeaRoc Group for the Japanese offshore wind farm


Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (JRC) has signed an exclusive agreement with SeaRoc Group Ltd. including an exclusive sales and service in Japan for "SeaPlanner"*1 developed by SeaRoc Group.
JRC will collaborate with SeaRoc Group in the Japanese offshore wind farm market to build and develop the market of the Marine Coordination Centre (MCC*2), which is set up for the efficient operation of offshore wind power businesses, including monitoring of vessels navigation around the site and safety management of offshore construction work.

JRC×SeaRoc Group

Background and Purpose

In Japan in recent years, there is undergoing a major shift in the energy framework toward to a decarbonized society, and it is an urgent task catching up with the world's level of offshore wind power supply, to play the major role of power supply as the core energy source. In order to build an onshore command center necessary to realize these market demands, JRC has signed an exclusive agreement with SeaRoc Group for sales and service of their software in Japan, as well as a strategic partnership agreement for the offshore wind farm projects.

By linking JRC's own technology of surveillance radar and AIS products with the SeaPlanner, which has gained a high reputation in Europe for its know-how and track record, JRC aims to contribute to the monitoring of vessel movements in the surrounding area to the EPC*3 and O&M*4 phases of offshore wind farm projects, and JRC will make projects safer, more secure, and more efficient, with the aim of achieving success with related companies.
Furthermore, JRC will also contribute the promotion to communities and fisheries, which is essential for the development of offshore wind farm projects, through application proposals and product systems that utilize the wireless technology JRC has cultivated over the years.

Image of monitoring system for offshore wind farm
Image of monitoring system for offshore wind farm

About SeaRoc Group

  • Company name : SeaRoc Group Ltd.
  • Company address : 45 South Street, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 1DS, UK
  • Representative : Neil Pittam
  • Representative position : Head of Consultancy
  • Business description : Consultancy and software services in the field of marine renewable energy

Since its establishment in 2002, SeaRoc Group has been developing solutions to support the construction and O&M of marine renewable energy projects. It also provides services of marine management software systems developed using proven data and close cooperation with customers. SeaRoc Group has earned the trust of the world's leading customers in the fields of offshore, onshore, and infrastructure construction.

*1 SeaPlanner : 
SeaPlanner is a management software that enables visualization of the construction process, worker dispatch plan, material transportation including ships and helicopters, and marine traffic, as well as providing accurate work orders for congested offshore wind farm projects. The simple and seamless interface frees the customers from complicated tasks, and contributes to the risk assessment of the work sites by centralizing information quickly identifying problems and obstacles.

*2 MCC (Marine Coordination Centre) : 
MCC is a coordination center that integrates radar, AIS, and various communication networks to serve as a project management and liaison point for safe and efficient operation. SeaRoc Group is able to handle the entire installation of the MCC from the early stage of the project, including installation of all hardware and configuration of the "SeaPlanner" management software and communication devices.

Main Functions of the MCC

  • Monitoring : Workers, ships, helicopters, weather, sea conditions
  • Safety : Main point of contact for emergency communications and coordination with external parties
  • Regulations : Verification of certifications and accreditations required for a safe working environment

*3 EPC : 
EPC stands for "Engineering, Procurement, and Construction", which is the activities of controlling the construction stage for the offshore wind farm project.

*4 O&M : 
O&M stands for "Operation & Maintenance", which is the activities of controlling the operation and maintenance stage of the offshore wind farm projects.

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