JRC upgrades J-Marine NeCST and Smart Ship Viewer


Japan Radio Co., Ltd. has announced a major upgrade of J-Marine NeCST and Smart Ship Viewer (SSV) that support both ship management companies and ship onboard for safety and efficiency navigation.

New features

The three features that have been expanded by this upgrade are "Playback", "Data distribution", and "Route optimization".


It combines camera images, sensor information and Voyage information on J-Marine NeCST (route planning, user charts etc.). It is easy to obtain the situation at the time of arrival and departure or scenes that need to be reviewed. In addition, playback data can be download and displayed from SSV which is web application enables checking at any time the status of managed ships from the management company office.

Playback image
Playback image

Data distribution

It allows land-based operators to send information to onboard J-Marine NeCST from SSV. It has made operator pushing navigational information to ENCs which are displayed on J-Marine NeCST. It provides easy shore-to-ship communication of instead of distribution by email and checking it with ECDIS. Furthermore, it also applies to playback data and allow you to share it with fleet each other.

Data distribution image
Data distribution image

Route optimization

It provides recommended route calculated by weather routing. It optimizes the planned route from the aspect of weather and sea condition and fuel consumption. It also indicates high accuracy and resolution wind, waves, currents and typhoons. It adopts extremely high-quality forecast data, especially for the seas around Japan. It will contribute not only route planning made easy but also energy-saving.

Route optimization image
Route optimization image

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