Multi Info Display NWZ-4610

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Interfacing is made easy and cost-effective. The display is equipped with three serial ports, each able to send or receive data. Not only can it repeat many different types of data, you can also turn the unit into a MED* type approved (D)GPS or speed log. The software is integrated in the unit, so by simply connecting the appropriate sensor/peripherals, a costeffective unit is born, which allows for even more redundancy onboard your vessel.

*Please contact Flag State/Classification Society to register MID with a post-installed sensor as a MED type approved equipment.



The NWZ-4610 incorporates eight different alarms and for each you can set particular values. The alarm will go off (sound and/or LCD backlight color change) when a preset value is over, under, in or out of range. The alarm history can be exported to PC*, and after completion, output data port returns to your saved settings automatically.

*Using Data (RS-422)

  • Speed
  • Trip
  • Water temp
  • Depth
  • Wind
  • Air temp
  • Pressure
  • Humidity

In the box

  • Display + Bracket
  • Data/Power cable (2 m)
  • Plates + Manual


Power supply NBD-577C
T-connector 5JCDX00071
Junction box CQD-10A
Dimmer unit NCM-227


Data/Power cable (2 m) CFQ-5766A
Data/Power cable (10 m) CFQ-5766D
Data/Power cable (20 m)
(14-core Data/Power cable includes (1A fuse) in holder, data, power, contact)
Data cable (3 m)
(4-core Data only cable for connecting to external sensor)
Data cable (3 m)
(6 to 14-core Data cable for daisy chain - power distribution)
Data cable (3 m)
(4-core Data cable - RS485 - for data/dimmer share)