Multi Info Display NWZ-4610

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Uniform operation

In keeping with the company's philosophy of an easy to use Man Machine Interface, the new generation displays have allowed JRC's engineers to develop an exciting new software approach for uniform operation.

Image:Uniform operation

User modes

You can pre-set three different user modes and at the same time easily switch between the chosen modes. Additionally, up to six different screen layouts can be allocated per mode, which allows you to switch at your own convenience, particularly useful when a situation requires specific information.

Image:User modes

Long LCD life

The LCD has a life span of 50, 000 hours that equals roughly 6-years of continuous, 24/7 operation - regardless of the LED backlit color selected.

No flush mount kit

With JRC's new design approach, a flush mount kit is not required and screws are nicely concealed behind the front cover.

Image:No flush mount kit