Motion System

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Image:Motion System Motion base with high accuracy and reliability based on many years of experience in simulator/Designed to meet the customer needs/High stability realized by multiple sensors

Brief Summary

The motion system as designed to meet the demand of each customer is available for simulators and testing systems. The optimum design for the demand of each customer is made by load calculations based on the required payload and scope of motion, allowing flexible applications in a wide range of fields.
The JRC motion base system has been adopted in various fields such as driving simulator, vehicle testing system and aircraft training simulator.


  • A flexible system configuration as necessary for high reproducibility is recommended by using the translational motion system.
  • JRC can provide not only 6-axis motion system but also specialized motion system as per customer's needs.
  • The Japan-made components and parts are used, allowing quick availability to be guaranteed to the customer needs.

Image:Image view of large-type 6-axis motion base system


  • JRC endeavors to disclose the system information to support the research and development works by the users. By disclosure of system I/O information, the customers can obtain a high degree of freedom, and reduce their running cost and save their development hours.
  • The changes of motion, the input of shift of the motion base turning center and the arbitrary waveform input are controlled by position, speed and acceleration commands from GUI (graphical user interface).
  • For simulator applications, the system can be customized by incorporating the JRC's original motion cueing software or the control logics prepared by the customer in the system.


  • JRC delivers the products with high safety by using multiple sensors.
  • The system with high design accuracy will be provided through prior simulation in the design works and design reviews.

Development Examples

Electrically-driven large-type 6-axis motion system

Image:Electrically-driven large-type 6-axis motion system

Testing motion system

Image:Testing motion system

Turntable motion system

Image:Turntable motion system


Component Function Supply Record
6-axis Motion System
Reproduction of acceleration and angular acceleration with the 6 degrees of freedom;
Motion base with ease of maintenance
Driving simulators,
flight simulators, etc.
6-axis Motion System
Reproduction of acceleration and angular acceleration with the 6 degrees of freedom;
Smooth and powerful motion base
Checking of building structures;
academic researches, etc.
Turntable System Higher reproducibility of car motions in cornering Driving simulators
Translational Motion
Higher reproducibility of motions in change of acceleration and lane  


Item Movable Range Velocity / Angular
Acceleration /
Surge (fore/aft) 〜 ±500mm 〜 600mm/sec 〜 0.7G
Sway (left/right) 〜 ±500mm 〜 600mm/sec 〜 0.7G
Heave (up/down) 〜 ±500mm 〜 500mm/sec 〜 0.7G
Roll (lateral) 〜 35deg 〜 30deg/sec 〜 150deg/s²
Pitch (vertical) 〜 35deg 〜 30deg/sec 〜 150deg/s²
Yaw (turn) 〜 40deg 〜 30deg/sec 〜 150deg/s²
Payload 500kg 〜

The above values are different according to design specifications.