Inmarsat Mini-C Mobile Terminal for Ship Security Alert System JUE-95SA

  • Communication


Specifications / Components


Frequency Range TX 1626.5 to 1646.5MHz
RX 1530.0 to 1545.0MHz
GPS 1575.42MHz±1MHz
Channel Spacing 5kHz
Output Power E.I.R.P. +7 to +16dBW (EL=5Deg.)
Receiving Performance G/T -23.7dB/K (EL=5Deg.)
Modulation TX 1200symbols / sec. BPSK
RX 1200symbols / sec. BPSK
Data rate TX 600bps
RX 600bps
Communication Telex / Packet / Data / Fax(TX)
Power Supply 24VDC +30%/-20%
220/ 100VAC (Option)