Inmarsat C JUE-87

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Model JUE-87
Inmarsat type approved ✔(Class 2)
Display 10.4 inch color LCD, 640x480 pixels 450cd/m²
Frequency TX : 1626.5 to 1646.5MHz
RX : 1537.0 to 1544.2MHz
Channel spacing 5kHz
E.I.R.P. 14±2dBW (at 5° angle)
G/T -23.0dB/K min
Modulation TX/RX : 1200 symbols/sec BPSK
Data rate TX/RX : 600bps
Interface External Buzzer : 3ports (JB1x1, JB2x2)
Remote distress button : 2ports (JB1x2)
Security button : 4ports (JB1x2, JB2x2)
GPS input (NMEA) :1port (JB1)
Alarm output (dry contact) : 1port (JB1)(New)
Alarm output (NMEA) : 1port (JB1)(New)
Alarm / AIS input (NMEA) : 1port (JB1)(New)
LAN port (RJ-45) : 1port (IME)
DTE port (serial) : 1port (IME)
Keyboard : 1port (IME)
Printer : 1port (IME)
Serial : 1port (IME)
Distress message controller : 1port (JB1)
Ambient condition Operating: EME -35 to +55°C, IME -15 to +55°C
Storage: EME/IME -40 to +70°C
Relative humidity: 0 to 95% non-condensing
Icing: up to 25mm (EME)
Precipitation: up to 100mm/hour (EME)
Wind: up to 100knots (EME)
Internally Mounted Equipment (IME)
Model NTF-318
Power DC 24V (19.2 to 31.2V)
Consumption Transmit: 100W, Standby: 15W
Externally Mounted Equipment (EME)
Model NAF-253GM (Unified pole mounting bracket)
Antenna Type: helical, Pattern: hemisphere, Polarization: right-hand circular
Model NKG-800
Line interface Parallel
Power DC 24V (+19.2 to 31.2V)
Consumption Approx. 35W
External power supply
Model NBD-904
Line Voltage AC100 to 230V, DC24V
Line voltage selection AC90 to 264V, DC19.2 to 31.2V
Output DC24V 6.5A continuous
External buzzer NCE-5547 Max. 3units
Remote distress button NQE-3225 Max. 2units
Data terminal equipment NDZ-227 Max. 1unit
Bracket for data terminal MPBP31721
Keyboard for data terminal NDF-369
Security button NQE-3224 Max. 4units
Junction box2 NQE-3223
Wall mount adopter for buzzer/button 7ZZSC0095
Coaxial cable CFQ-5922A4(40m), CFQ-5922A5(50m)

Image:EME NAF-253GM

Image:IME NTF-318

Image:Printer NKG-800

Image:External power supply NBD-904