Inmarsat Global Xpress JUE-60GX

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Image:Seamless integration

Seamless integration

Dedicated high speed communications together with JRC newest generation onboard navigation of support and applications, superfast and anywhere between 70 degrees North and South. Functions for captain and officers are directly accessible from our Multi Function Display (MFD)

Image:GX and JRC, in the Cloud

GX and JRC, in the Cloud

JRC is developing its first and very own 'shared space' for our users, aimed at economy, safety and welfare. Global Xpress will be a central part of our jMarine Cloud™ service to enable advanced applications. When a reliable data communication system is installed, the crew benefits but the ship-owner is the real winner. Real time data makes it possible to plan routes more effectively, avoid bad weather and schedule arrival time more accurately, saving valuable fuel. It can also ensure that the onboard charts are kept up to date in real time.

With secure connections the ship-owner can even keep accurate track of his fleet's movements and fuel consumption and advise the captain where necessary in order to save cost, improve safety of the ship and care of cargo and crew. Onboard equipment can monitor installed devices remotely, prevent aults and advise possible maintenance issues so as to be ready at the quay with the correct spares for the ship's arrival in port. Crew applications with high-speed connectivity for relaxation and for communications with friends and family are available through GX. All from the cloud.