MF/HF Radio Equipment JSS-2150/2250/2500

  • Communication



Flexible installation

All MF/HF models are minimum configured as standard, consisting of a MF/HF controller+handset, transceiver and antenna tuner. The 150W model can be applied for non-solas vessels, but also configured with necessary options up to GMDSS A4 area. In contrast to the other two models, the 150W version has a smaller transceiver and antenna tuner which allows for a more flexible installation approach in confined spaces.

Image:150W JSS-2150

Image:Flexible installation

High power models

When more power output is required, simply select the 250W or 500W version. Additionally, the new 250W and 500W version come with a redesigned antenna tuner, transceiver and power supply designed to fit into an optional 19 inch rack :NCU-515A.

Image:250W JSS-2250/500W JSS-2500

Image:Transceiver/Power supply/Battery charger/Antenna tuner

GMDSS console

The MF/HF models can be installed together with a set of Inmarsat-C: JUE-87 in the optional GMDSS console: NCU-531A. Optionally the controller and handset of VHF radiotelephone: JHS-770S/780D can be installed in the same console.

Image:GMDSS console

In the box

  • MF/HF controller+Handset
  • Transceiver
  • Antenna tuner
  • MF/HF controller to transceiver cable (5 m)
  • Power supply (250W/500W only)
  • Manual


Power supply NBD-2150 (150W)
Battery charger NBB-724/714
MF/HF controller NCM-2150 (max 2)

What's optional?

MF/HF controller cable 7ZCJD0343 (5 m)
Connection box NQD-2250 (for 2nd controller)
Mounting bracket MPBC42957 (flush)
Mounting bracket MPBX44354 (table)
Handset NQW-261 (IP66)
NBDP kit 7ZZJD0089 (contents see left)
Self supporting antenna NAW-208S (10 m) TX
Whip antenna* NAW-60 (6 m) RX and/or WKR
Joint box JQD-69C (for RX & WKR)
Junction box NQD-2253 (for antenna tuner)
Printer (flush) NKG-91
Printer (table) NKG-800/DPU-414

Self diagnosis

With JRC's MF/HF radio equipment you can perform self-diagnosis checks on the controller and transceiver, allowing for easy maintenance and more reliability. The results are directly shown on the screen and can be saved as a log (up to 10 possible) or printed (with optional printer).

Remote Maintenance System (RMS)

JRC's unique RMS allows remote monitoring of bridge equipment from ashore. Using JRC VDR and INMARSAT FB satellite communication equipment, JRC can establish a highly secured connection to the vessel and cost-effectively and accurately determine the operating status of the JRC equipment while at sea.

Image:Remote Maintenance System (RMS)

JRC global service network (Star Network)

JRC has been providing sales and support of products since 1915. Today, JRC offers comprehensive assistance through its organisation, in partnership with a worldwide StarNetwork of over 270 fully trained and qualified partners and agents, assisting you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Image:JRC one-callTM One number to call With JRC you can go anywhere and if you need our support, simply call us at +81 3 3492 9201, anytime.

Image:JRC global service network (Star Network)