Weather Radar System

  • Weather Radar



JMA-912 Functions

  • Although the equipment is compact, it still offers high-performance observation of various meteorological phenomena, allowing for dual polarization observation as well as precipitation intensity and Doppler velocity observation.
  • The antenna can be controlled variably in elevation steps from -2° to 182°, allowing the vertical section data across a wide coverage.
  • The high-precision rainfall measurement becomes possible by using the phase information without the effect of radio wave attenuation through heavy rain area. Also, it is possible to guess the kinds of particles (raindrops, hails or graupels) based on the differential reflectivity of raindrops. By using the information obtained from this radar, rapid and effective countermeasures for disasters such as river floods in urban areas and flowing debris in mounatainous areas can be made.

JMA-912 Advantages

Exceptional reliability

Solid-state transmitter

High data accuracy

  • Polarimetric function
  • Wide dynamic range, high linearity, high phase stability, high resolution
  • High-speed arithmetic processing

High economic efficiency

  • Low power consumption
  • No preheating, no preliminary operation
  • No consumables

Easier maintenance

  • No consumables
  • Maintenance free of antenna mechanical part except lubrication

Safety consideration

No use high voltage