Doppler Speed Log JLN-740 Series

  • Navigation



4 Models to Choose From

Displays: Two types, color LCD display with a design identical to the Satellite Log JLN-720, and the Black and white display based on the NWZ-4610.*1 *2 The color LCD display provides the high-visibility and the operability of the JLN-720.

Unit compositions: 2 types, four- unit and three-unit versions.

  1. The four-unit composition is appropriate for large ships needing share of data such as radar and ECDIS to navigation equipment.
  2. The three-unit composition is appropriate for small ships. A total of 4 combinations can be selected from depending on the required use.

System diagram





Standard components

  • Main Display (Color LCD/4.5-inch monochrome LCD)
  • Distribution processor (only JLN-740A/N model)
  • Signal processor
  • Transducer Mounting


  • Remote Display (6.5-inch / 8.4-inch color LCD)
  • Multi-information Display (MID) (monochrome LCD)
  • Analog Display
  • Distance Counter
  • Dimmer Unit
  • Gate valve type Transducer Mounting

Remote Maintenance System (RMS)-compatible

The JLN-740 series is compatible with JRC’s proprietary Remote Maintenance System (RMS), which uses JRC’s VDR and satellite communications to remotely link to the equipment onboard the vessel to perform remote diagnostics and preventive maintenance. For more information on RMS, please contact JRC’s business department.