Doppler current meter:JLN-652

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Display modes

This Doppler current meter has 16 comprehensive and easily readable display modes for efficient tidal analysis. With our dedicated keyboard you can navigate through all common used tasks effortlessly.

Image:Display modes

Upgrade path

Our standard scope of supply has been set as a minimum configuration. This allows ease of upgrading from previous models (see left). In the case of a new installation, simply select the transducer and installation accessories from the option list.

Image:Upgrade path

Easy interfacing

The new Doppler current meter integrates two-way interfacing, allowing you to easily connect a wide range of additional (NMEA) navigation equipment. Up to 1000 memory points of current and track data can be saved on USB memory. (USB not included).

In the box

  • Processor
  • Keyboard
  • Manuals
  • Spare parts


Transducer element (25m cable attached) CFT-067B
Stuffing tube (iron hull/FRP hull) MPJD30076/MPJD30078
Transducer with stuffing tube NKF-779
Transducer with stuffing tube + iron tank NKF-780
Matching box NQD-2422
15-inch display NWZ-164
Bracket 15-inch display MPBX42944
Sun shade 15-inch display MPOL30369
10-inch display NWZ-211
Keyboard ext. cable (10m) CFQ-6999
Power supply NBA-5111