Doppler current meter:JLN-652

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Model JLN-652
Measuring method 2-axis four beam pulse Doppler
Frequency 240 kHz
Resoluton 1024 by 768 pixels (XGA)
Power supply 21.6 to 31.2V DC (100 to 230V AC option), Power consumption: <270VA
Ambient conditions Temperature: -15 to 55°C, Relative humidity: 0% to 93% non-condensing
Current measurement
Current speed range 0 to 10 kn (accuracy ± 2% rms or 0.2 kn, whichever is greatest)
Current direction display All surroundings 360° and numerical values with 32 bearing points
Current layers Maximum: 50 layers (numerical data readout from 5 pre-selected layers)
Current depth 2 to 30 m (in shallow sea mode), 12 to 100 m (in standard mode), Maximum: up to 200¹ m
Bottom measurement Minimum depth: 5 m, Maximum depth: 350¹ m
Depth setting 2 to 500 m
Current reference Doppler or GPS
Ship speed measurement
Fore/aft range -10 to 40 kn (accuracy ± 1% rms or 0.1 kn, whichever is greatest)
Port/starboard range -10 to 10 kn (accuracy ± 1% rms or 0.1 kn, whichever is greatest)
Measurement speed Ground speed: 5 to 250 m, Maximum: up to 350¹ m,
Water speed: more than 10 m (both display simultaneously)
Distance run 0 to 99,999.99 NM (accuracy ± 1% rms or 0.1 kn, whichever is greatest)
Auto shift bottom tracking Yes
Main performance
Function Measuring current, ship speed, depth, fish finder, track plotting, graph display, profile display, self test, alarm function
Display modes Current, ship, plot, graph, fish, profile
Alarms Current speed, ship speed, depth, trip, timer, water temp, wind speed
NMEA input
(v1.5 to 3.01)
Bearing: HDT, VHW, HDM, HDG, THS; Speed; RMC, VTG;
Lat/Lon: RMC, GGA, GLL; Temperature: MTW; Wind: MWD, MWV
NMEA output
(v1.5 to 3.01)
VDVBW, VDVLW, VDVHW, VDDBT, VDDPT, VDCUR, PJRCL (ship speed and tidal current)
External trigger input Receiver blocking by external transmission trigger
Distance output 4x log pulse (200 pulse/NM)
JRC output JRC format (for current data output)
Memory data output USB/CF card (up to 1000 memory waypoints of current and track data can be saved)

1. Actual depth values depend on sea and bottom conditions

Image:Dimension:15-inch display (option) NWZ-164/Keyboard NCH-603E

Image:Dimension:Processor NJC-30/Matching box (option) NQD-2422

Image:Dimension:Transducer (option) CFT-067B/Power supply (option) NBA-5111