Doppler current meter JLN-650

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Name Doppler Current Meter
Model JLN-650
  Measuring method 2-axis four beam pulse Doppler
Frequency 125 kHz
Screen 1024 by 768 pixels (XGA)
Power supply AC 100V to 230V (50Hz/60Hz, single phase)
Power consumption < 270VA
Current measurement performance
  Current speed range 0kt to 10kt
Current measuring accuracy maximum 2%rms or 0.2kt, whichever is greatest
Current direction display 360° and numeric values with 32 bearing points
Measurement layers up to 100 layers (5 layers numerical)
Minimum measurement depth of layer 8m (short pulse mode), 12m (normal pulse mode), 16m (long pulse mode)
Maximum measurement depth of layer1) 160m (Tx power = standard), 200m (Tx power = high)
Minimum measurement depth of bottom 26m (short pulse mode), 34m (normal pulse mode), 42m (long pulse mode)
Setting depth range 5m to 500m
Current reference Doppler or GPS
Measuring mode relative or true
Ship speed measurement performance
  Fore/aft range -10kt to 40kt
Port/starboard range -10kt to 10kt
Ground speed depth2) 5m to 400m
Measurement accuracy ± 1%rms or 0.1kt, whichever is greatest
Water speed depth more than 20m (ground and water speed simultaneous display)
Distance run range 0NM to 99999.99NM
Distance run accuracy ± 1%rms or 0.1kt
Main performance
  Function measuring current, ship speed, depth, fish finder, track plotting, graph display,profile display, self test, alam function (current speed, ship speed, trip, timer, water temperature)
Display modes current, ship, plot, graph, fish, profile
Numeric display current speed, current indication (absolute 5 layers, relative 4 layers), measurement depth, bottom tracking ship speed/course, water tracking ship speed/course, ship position, heading, trip, date, FA ship speed/PS ship speed, trip or time value, water depth, water temperature
Graphic display absolute/relative current vector, ship speed vector, water temperature graph, current/depth graph, ship speed graph, wind speed, wind direction graph, trip display, fish display, profile display
  NMEA input (v1.5 to 3.01) bearing (HDT, VHW, HDM, HDG, THS),
lat/long (RMC, GGA, GLL, VTG),
water temp (MTW), wind direction (MWD, MWV)
External trigger input transmission trigger
NMEA output (v1.5 to 3.01) ship speed current (VDVBW, VDVLW, VDVHW, VDDBT, VDDPT, VDCUR, PJRCL)
Distance output 4x log pulse (200 pulse/NM)
JRC output JRC format (for current data output)
Memory data output USB port (up to 1000 memory points of current and track data can be saved)
  Operating temperature -15° to 55°C
Relative humidity 0% to 93% non-condensing
Transducer with stuffing tube (iron tank) NKF-775
Transducer with stuffing tube NKF-774
Transducer element (125 kHz) CFT-068A
Stuffing tube (for iron hull) MPJD30076
Stuffing tube (for FRP hull) MPJD30078
Monitor mount kit for NWZ-164 MPBX42944
Sun shade MPOL30369
  • 1) Measurement depth is 80% or less of depth
  • 2) Depths may vary according to sea (and sea bottom) conditions

Image:Dimension:Display (Option) NWZ-164

Image:Dimension:Signal processor NJC-28

Image:Dimension:Keyboard NCH-603E

Image:Dimension:Transducer CFT-068A

What's included?

  • 15-inch Display*1
  • Transducer
  • Signal processor
  • Keyboard
  • Cables
  • Spare parts
  • Manual(English)


Cables included
Signal cable 5m (display to processor)*1
Power cable 5m (display to processor)*1
Signal cable 5m (keyboard to processor)

*1 Not included in black box configuration