Doppler current meter JLN-650

  • Fishing


Easy operation

Display mode

This Doppler current meter has 15 comprehensive and easily readable display modes for efficient tidal analysis. With our dedicated keyboard you can navigate through all common used tasks effortlessly.

Image:Display mode

Dedicated keyboard

The new JLN-650 allows you to carry out all operations simply by using the keyboard. The layout has a full complement of keys, including direct STC and GAIN, to adjust noise under surface of the water level and receiver sensitivity respectively. The keyboard also has one-touch menu keys to access different display modes instantly as well as a specialframe-selector to navigate quickly through a variety of menu items on display.

Image:Dedicated keyboard

Easy interfacing

The new Doppler current meter integrates two-way interfacing, allowing you to easily connect a wide range of additional (NMEA) navigation equipment. Up to 1000 memory points of current and track data can be saved on USB memory.


There are a wide range of alarms available on the JLN-650. With all alarms, for example, when depth becomes shallower than the parameter set, a warning message pops up, allowing the operator to take action, contributing to safer navigation and more efficient fish finding.