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New transponder (New)

JRC's advantage of long range reception has been the basis for this new model. The outside of the transponder is the same as its predecessor, but the inner parts have been completely updated to the latest technologies, such as digital signal processing, increased circuit integration and optimized transmission power.

Image : New transponder


Inter facing is made easy and costeffective. Connect your radar or ECDIS, GPS and gyro to the display and you're all set.

With the (optional) all new connection box you'll receive all the interfacing you need for advanced networking, such as DGPS, alarm, long range, and more.

A dedicated pilot plug port and LAN interfacing for maintenance or connecting to the ship's network is also readily available.

Image : New transponder


The JHS-183 consists of just two components, display and transponder. The components are light and compact with only one coax cable between the display and transponder required. This allows for a straightforward installation approach, significantly reducing the installation time.

Long LCD life

The LCD has a life span of 50,000 hours guaranteeing many years of continuous operation – regardless of the LED backlit color selected.

What’s standard?

AIS Controller NCM-983
AIS Transponder NTE-183
Spare parts 7ZXJD0136
Instruction manual 7ZPJD0554A

What’s optional?

Connection box NQE-5183
Pilot plug box NQE-3150 (Wall mount type)
Control cable for NCM-983 CFQ-9183A/D/F (2/10/20m)
Data cable for NQE-5183 CFQ-9193A/D/F (3/10/20m)
Pilot plug cable CFQ-9173A (30cm)
Pilot plug cable CFQ-6961 (20m)
AC/DC Power supply unit NBD-577C (100/220V Manual Change)
AC power supply unit for Pilot PC NBG-380 (120Vac output)
Console mounting kit for NQE-3150 MPBX40498 (Color: 7.5BG7/2)
MPBX45388 (Color: N4.0)
L-type adapter CFQ-9184