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Display type 19-inch color TFT LCD with 1280 x 1024 pixels (SXGA)
Operating frequency 24kHz or 28kHz
Horizontal detection range 360° full-circle electronic scanning
Tilt-scan range Electronic tilting of -5° to +60°; automatic / manual
Display colors Echo images in 32 colors (Settable by user)
Sonar range 150 to 3200m (24 / 28kHz)
Transmitted pulse length 5 – 36ms (24 / 28kHz)
Display modes (1)Normal
(4)Audible tone image combined
(5)Fish finder image combined
Interference rejection Included
Clutter rejection Included
Transmitted power reduction Included
Fish school alarm Included
Automatic tracking Included
Numerical indications Range, Gain, tilt-scan angle, cursor position, ship’s position, speed and course, water depth and temperature
Audible tone Automatic / manual turning; 1kH, 2W (external speaker output)
External inputs (1)Gyro compass (sync / step / NMEA format)
(2)Speed log (Pulse / NMEA format)
(3)Tidal current meter (NMEA / JRC format)
(4)GPS position data (NMEA format)
(5)Fish finder
(6)Net depth meter
Power supply 100VAC, single-phase, 50 / 60Hz : 750VA or less (option is not included)
220VAC, single-phase, 50 / 60Hz : 3kVA or less 220VAC, three-phase, 50 / 60Hz : 3kVA or less
Options Step-down
NBL-177 (three-phase 440V→220V)
NBL-175 (single-phase 220V→100V)
CBC3000D 115V (single phase 115V→100V)
Audible tone
6USFD00010 (4Ω 2W)
NSK Unit CMJ-304E
Operation Unit Fitting

Image:Dimension Display

Image:Dimension Proxessor

Image:Dimension Keyboard

Image:Dimension Tranducer unit

What's standard in the box.

  • Display
  • Processor
  • Keyboard
  • Transceiver Unit
  • Transducer Unit
  • Installation Parts for Processor
  • Installation Parts for Transceiver
  • Manual

Which cables?

Display to Processor (Signal) 5m
Display to Processor (Power) 5m
Keyboard to Processor 5m
Processor to Transceiver 30m
Transceiver to Hull unit 7m x 8