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Easy to See Large Screen with High Resolution

The Display Unit adopts a 19-inch color LCD monitor with a high resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels (SXGA) which is supported by advanced signal processing technology. The screen provides clear, definitive images with a high resolution, whether in short or long distance.

32-color Display for Easy Understanding of Fish Density

The fish echo image is displayed in 32 colors to ensure that the fish school distribution and density are easy to understanding.

Image:Easy to See Large Screen with High Resolution

Easy-to-operate Panel Layout and Convenient User Key operation

The keys and control dials are functionally grouped and arranged for intuitive operation.
The commonly used functions and menu items are stored in memory and can be assigned by one-touch operation of three user keys and multi-functional control dials.

Image:Easy-to-operate Panel Layout and Convenient User Key operation

Fish Echo Dial Control for Quick Setting for Fishing Operation

The fish echo dial can store five sets of various parameters for the transceiver and signal processor. An appropriate combination of parameters for different fishing areas and sea states can be selected in one operation.

Lineup of Transducer Unit

A choice of 24kHz and 28kHz frequencies are available for different fishing operations. The transducer units are available in two stroke lengths.

Flexible Installation and High Expandability

The display equipment is composed of Display Unit, Processor Unit and Keyboard Unit. The system is designed for flexible installation to meet the requirements for space and layout. Two or more display units can be installed, and remote operation from a crow’s-nest (:fish watch position) is also available.

Image:Flexible Installation and High Expandability