Color Echo Sounder JFC-130(1kW)/130HP(3kW)

  • Fishing
  • Pleasure Boats


Specifications / Components

Display 10.4-inch high-luminance TFT color LCD
Power supply 12/24/32VDC (10.8 to 45VDC)
Power consumption 60W or less (at 24V)
Dimensions 295(W) x 324(H) x 372(D)mm
Mass Approx.16kg
Operating temperature -15deg.C to +5deg.C
Brightness Adjustable by control (in common use with power switch)
Display modes Standard
Standard/Bottom enlargement
Standard/Bottom discrimination enlargement
Mixed mode
Frequencies One or two frequencies of 200/75/50/28 kHz
Output power 1 kW or 3 kW(HP)
Depth range 2,000m + shift 1,500m
Depth scale meter, feet, fathoms and optional
Scan speed 9 steps and stop
Background color 4 colors
Echo colors 16 colors/8 colors
Interference rejection 2 steps
Data indications Water depth, temperature and ship speed
Graphs Water temperature and depth
External input/output NMEA0183 input/output,JRC format
Water temperature and speed sensors