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Resetting is easy

The system has a range of standard (and optional) possibilities to reset the timer for visual indication and audible alarm. On the display you can reset the alarms and a maximum of 6 reset buttons can be connected, regardless of normal or waterproof type. Movement detection by motion sensor resets the alarms but also when the BNWAS is connected to other navigation equipment such as radar (JMA-9100) or ECDIS (JAN-901B), the alarm is reset when the officer physically operating the controls.


The user can define an interval sequence of between 3 and 12 minutes.
This will only give a visual indication. The alarm can be reset at any point in time.
There is a visual indicator of the time countdown. After the preset interval, an alarm sequence will go into effect.


Manage other alarms

When any connected equipment alarm is activated, the BNWAS displays a list of alarm information automatically. When the officers fails to acknowledge within pre-set intervals, visual and audible alarms will be generated in the wheelhouse and other crew spaces as necessary.

Connect to VDR

The system can output system status and alarm situation to the VDR through serial interfacing using the NMEA0183 ALR sentences.


BNWAS will be mandatory for all new build passenger ships and cargo ships above 150GT constructed on and after 1 July 2011 and will be phased in for existing ships over the coming years.

In the box

  • Display + Bracket
  • Control unit
  • Buzzer (2x)
  • Reset button (3x)
  • Operation card


Buzzer NVS-785
Reset button NCJ-895
Motion sensor NYG-5
LED warning lamp NCD-2257
Reset button (waterproof) NCJ-896
Instruction manual 7ZPNA4317
Spare parts 7ZXNA4012