ECDIS JAN-7201S/9201S

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Image:Easy-to-use operating unit

Easy-to-use operating unit

The newly designed trackball supports all the operation of the equipment. Users will be alerted with alarms from the operating unit and color changes under situations that require attention.

Image:Optional keyboard

Optional keyboard

The ECDIS will be operable like conventional models by connecting an optional operating unit that incorporates dedicated function buttons, control knobs and a full keyboard adopting the QWERTY layout.

Image:Selectable screen sizes

Selectable screen sizes

A newly designed narrow-frame 19-inch (SXGA) and 26-inch (WUXGA) LCD monitors are prepared for the ECDIS JAN-7201S/9201S. Each monitor adopts an LED backlight, thus providing high-quality images that are highly visible both during the day and at night.

Correspond to the major chart

The ECDIS JAN-7201S/9201S supports the display of major electronic navigational charts (ENCs), including those provided by ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service (AVCS) (S-57 Ed 3.0/3.1 and S-63), NAVTOR ENC Service, and Jeppesen ENC Service as well as ADMIRALTY Raster Chart Service (ARCS). Also, it supports advanced features provided with ENCs, such as the Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO) of AVCS by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) and Dynamic Licensing of Jeppesen ENC service.

ENC (S-57 and S-63 vector charts)
・AVCS (AIO supported)
・NAVTOR ENC Service (PAYS supported)
・Jeppesen ENC Service
(Dynamic Licensing supported)

Raster charts

Others (private charts)
・Jeppesen Ed.3 Professional
・Jeppesen Ed.3 Professional+

Image:Type-specific training (TST)

Type-specific training (TST)

Unlike JRC’s conventional ECDIS models, this ECDIS has adopted a new operation system and a TST program supporting the new operation system is required. The TST for the new ECDIS is given at JRC’s major branches, agents, and training institutions around the world. The training will be given onboard or offices by instructors dispatched at the request of customers. Furthermore, PC software is available for users’ self-learning at home or onboard. For more information about TST, contact your JRC representative.