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Connecting people with reliable technologies.
JRC is a leading communications technology company.

JRC is making the most of its knowledge, technology and experience built up over many years in various fields of information technology, contributing to the safety and security of people around the world. Based on its core technologies that it has developed since its founding, JRC is creating new worlds of communications from people to people and to environments by leveraging its three business units, Marine Systems, Communications and Solutions.

JRC's core technologies envisioning the future
Marine Electronics Division Based on its prominent technological capacity and vast accumulated experience that have been leading the world market for marine electronics, JRC is and will develop a variety of products with high performance and superior quality to support safety and security of navigation for all the vessels including merchant ships, work boats and fishing boats in the world’s oceans and seas.
  • Merchant ships
  • Fishing boats
  • Service
  • Work boats
  • Pleasure boats
Communications Products and Network Division JRC supports various business sectors using radio communications in covering a wide range of products from portable/mobile communications terminals to communications infrastructure networks to respond to the expanding and ever-changing information and mobile society.
  • Mobile communications equipment
  • Communications infrastructure equipment
Solution Business Division JRC’s Solution Business provides products and services to support infrastructure-related projects dedicated to improving quality of life.
  • Water and rivers
  • Roads
  • Broadcasting
  • Disaster mitigation
  • Security
  • Meteorology