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Environmental Activities


Promotion of Green Procurement

Green Procurement

Companies are both providers delivering products and services to customers and consumers purchasing materials, parts, products and services from other companies. Purchasing items with a reduced environmental burden on a preferential basis is referred to as “Green Purchasing” or “Green Procurement”.

We established the “Green Purchase Guidelines” in September 1998 for eco-friendly procurement and subsequently renamed them “Green Procurement Guidelines”. We have now published the 8th version. Major changes from the 7th version include the addition of four phthalates, which were already designated as chemical substances prohibited from use in July 2018, the addition of polychlorinated naphthalene (whereby the number of chlorine atoms changes from three to one) and other additions made in conformance with the latest version of the REACH Regulation. We have increased the number of prohibited chemical substances from 22 to 27 and controlled the number of chemical substances from 43 to 63. For details, refer to the Appendix entitled “Substance of Concerns”. These Guidelines are intended to showcase our basic attitude towards the environment to material providers and request that they cooperate in our environmental preservation activities.