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Environmental Activities


Measures against Global Warming

JRC is working diligently to conserve energy and curtail emissions of such greenhouse gases as carbon dioxide. Among a host of initiatives, the Company is looking to reduce its electric power consumption through the use of energy-efficient lighting and air conditioning systems and the introduction of other energy-saving devices.

Reducing the Electric Power Consumption of Office and Other Lighting as well as Cooling and Heating Systems

As a part of efforts to reduce its electric power consumption, JRC is making every effort to minimize the use of unnecessary lighting. At the same time, the Company has set its cooling and heating system temperatures at 28°C and 20°C for each of the summer and winter seasons, respectively, while promoting a variety of other countermeasures.

Activities Undertaken at the Advanced Technology Center

JRC’s Advanced Technology Center was completed in December 2014 to spearhead the Company’s research and development activities. Designs for the entire building took into consideration concerns for the global environment as well as the need to create a comfortable workplace.

  • ・Natural lighting・Natural ventilation
    Positive steps have been taken to both conserve energy and maintain a comfortable workplace by enhancing ventilation through the use of the chimney effect created by open ceiling space, utilizing top lights to incorporate external light, and ensuring the proper use of lighting by application.
  • ・LED lighting used throughout the entire facility
  • ・Balcony designed to maximize the effects of solar shading
  • ・Full coverage radiant cooling system
    JRC has created a pleasant work atmosphere by adopting a full coverage radiant cooling system that employs aluminum perforated metal in the open spaces of ceilings without the use of electric power.