• Communication


Image : JHS-400A

  • Remote Controllable
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Connectable to Public Addresser
  • Flush-Mount Type Available
  • Intercom Function with Remote Controller


JHS-400 on-board communication equipment is for mobile communication inside of ship, ship-to-ship and ship-to-shoreside under maneuvering cargo loading, rescue operating or docking. The equipment will provide high quality and easy communication at ship management task using base station, portable station and repeater antenna that are sophisticated with JRC advanced technical design.

The JRC 400MHz-band on-board communication system consists of several portable stations, base station, and repeater antenna system. The portable stations, which are several handheld transceivers, enable to communicate each other from any working areas. The base station expands the communication range of portable stations. The repeater antenna system relays radio signals between two or more areas shielded each other by ship's bulkhead to expand communication areas.