Inmarsat Fleet F33 Mobile Terminal JUE-33

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Specifications / Components


Frequency Range TX 01626.5 to 166.5MHz
RX 1525.0 to 1559.0MHz
Output Power E.I.R.P. 21+1/2 dBW (MAX)
Receiving Performance G/T-12.5dB/k or more
Communication Global Beam Area:
♦Voice 4.8 kbps

Spot Beam Area:
♦Fax 9.6 kbps
♦Data 9.6 kbps
(Up to 40 kbps via V.42bis/V.44 Compression)
♦MPDS: Mobile Packet Data Service
(TX:28kbps, RX:64kbps:Best effort)
Interface TEL/FAX (RJ11)
Ether-Net (RJ45)
Serial (RS232C)
Power Voltage 24V DC +/-10%