Inmarsat Fleet F33 Mobile Terminal JUE-33

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Image:Inmarsat Fleet F33 Mobile Terminal JUE-33Image:Inmarsat

The Inmarsat Fleet F33 is a miniature Inmarsat mobile terminal which can be easily fitted on small and medium size vessels. The Inmarsat Fleet F33 offers voice, packet, 9.6K Fax and 9.6K Data services.


Since it is the world’s smaller antenna, the JRC Inmarsat Fleet F33 can be easily fitted on any vessel, from the smallest fishing vessel to the largest tanker ship.
Moreover, Due to its built-in GPS and the electrical compass, the JRC Inmarsat Fleet F33 no longer needs an external gyro connection, making it extremely easy to install.

The antenna design has been carefully styled to suit any modern sailing boat or mega yacht as well.

The JRC Fleet F33 has an Ether-net connection which has already become very popular with the JRC Inmarsat Fleet F77 as well, since it easily allows the use of standard interfacing with a variety of IT networks.

  • Compact Antenna Design (Smallest Antenna in F33)
  • One Single Coaxial Cable Installation
  • No Cable Unwrap System
  • No Gyro Signal System
  • Wide Range Interfaces (Ether-Net, RS-232C, USB)