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Specifications / Components

1.1 General
Display Type STN LCD 128 x 100dots
Display Size 79 ÁE61mm
LCD Contrast Set by Temperature sensor and manual.
Back lighting EL for LCD and LED for keyboard.
Dimmer High-Low via keyboard.
Magnetic Variation Automatic with year table and Manual
Geodetic Database 46 Geodetic datum.
Position Correction By Geodetic datum or manual L/L entry
Waypoint Entry Lat/Lon, TD and Bearing/Range
Waypoint Memories a) 499 with up to 8 character alphanumeric designation.
b) Selectable memory location.
c) Scrolling waypoint list
d) Sort waypoints (alphabetically, or numerically)
Event Marks 499 Maximum (include waypoints);
Save to next available waypoint memory with data stamp.
Selectable Units NM/KT, SM/MPH, KM/KPH
Route Plan 20 plans 200 Waypoints maximum.
Plot function 1/8 NM to 100 NM.
Alarm Waypoints Arrival, Cross Track Error, or Anchor Watch by selected distance, no fix.
Mode display D-GPS mode, and GPS position display.
Data input From other equipments in NMEA (WPL, RTE).
Data Output Single output port.NMEA 0183 (Version 1.5/2.1 selectable) GLL, VTG, APB,BWC, GGA,RMC and RMB sentences.
Averaging 1 to 99 sec. Settable
Memory Backup Lithium battery
Power Requirements 10.8 to 16 DVC, less than 4 W (without GPS receiver)
Special Modes a) Man Overboard (MOB)
b) Simulator built-in
c) Multi-language: English, Germany, Norwegian, French, Spanish, Italy and Japanese.
d) B/R calculation between any two waypoint.
e) DGPS alarm.
1.2 Display Data
Lat. And Long. N or S+7 digits, .001min
E or W+8 digits, .001min
LORAN C time difference 6 digits respectively 0.1μsec.
Antenna Height 4 digits; 1 meter resolution
Time to Go 4 digits; max 99:59
Speed & Course To 0.1 kt or 0.1km/h resolution.
Cross Track Error Graphic and direction indicator.
Time Date and time in Local or UTC.
Receiving Signal Status GPS Satellite signals and beacon signal
Office CC Lat/Lon and converted TD.
Bearing 3digits, 1 degree resolution.
Range 4 digits, 0.01 NM resolution.
1.3 Physical and Environmental
Operating Temperature -15deg.C to +15deg.C
Water Proof JIS IPX5
Dimensions/Weight (H)138 ÁE(W)197 ÁE(D)124mm/0.9kg