Marine RADAR JMA-5300MK1 series

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Specifications / Components

Model name JMA-5310-6 JMA-5320-7 JMA-5320-9 JMA-5330-12
Display format Raster scanner PPI format
Range scale 0.125/0.25/0.5/0.75/1.5/3/6/12/24/48/96nm
Scanner Model NKE-2102-6 NKE-2252-7 NKE-2252-9 NKE-1075A
Scanner 6ft 7ft 9ft 12ft
Output 10kW 25kW 25kW 30kW
Transmitting frequnecy 9410MHz±30MHz 3050±10MHz
Polarization characteriting
(-3dB width)
H: 1.2°,V: 20° H: 1.0°,V: 20° H: 0.8°,V: 20° H: 1.9°,V: 30°
Rotation speed Approx. 24rpm Approx. 24rpm Approx 26 / 21rpm(60/50Hz)
Pulse width 0.08uS / 2250Hz, 0.25uS / 1700Hz, 0.5uS / 1200Hz, 0.8uS / 750Hz, 1.0uS / 650Hz 0.08uS / 2200Hz, 0.20uS / 2200Hz, 0.4uS / 1400Hz, 0.8uS / 750Hz, 1.0uS / 650Hz 0.07uS / 1900Hz, 0.20uS / 1900Hz, 0.3uS / 1900Hz, 0.6uS / 1100Hz, 1.2uS / 570Hz
Transmitter / receiver switching Circulater diode Circulater+TRHPL
Frequency conversion Microwave IC (MIC)
Tuning Automatic
Environment Temperature: -25 to +55deg.C, Humidity: 93%, @40°C
Display Processor Model NDC-1273
Screen display Head-up / North-up / Course-up
Motion mode Relative motion(RM)with True trail / Relative motion(RM)with Relative trail / True motion
EBL 2-line/Bearing: 000.0-359.9° (4-digit)
VRM 2-marker/Scale: 0.000-96.0 (or 120.0) NM (4-digit)
Course display off / 15sec / 30sec / 1min / 3min / 6min / 10min / 15min / 30min / 60min / continuous
Chart display C-MAP
Display unit Model NWZ-147
LCD 18.1inch color 1280 x 1024 dots (SXGA)
Valid diameter more than 250mm
Installation cable 5m (between the processor and the display unit)
Operating unit Model NCE-7699
Installation cable 5m (between the processor and the operation unit)
Connection box Model - - - NQE-3151
Environment Temperature: -15 to +55deg.C, Humidity: 93% @40deg.C, water-proof: IPX2
Installation cable CFQ-6912-20 (Standard 20m) CFQ-6912-5 (Standerd 5m)
2695110056 (Standerd 20m)
Input voltage (Voltage range) 24VDC (21.6 to 31.2VDC) 24VDC (21.6 to 31.2VDC)
230VAC(±10%) 50/60Hz

Power consumption Average 150W, Maximum 300W Average 200W, Maximum 300W Average 150W+200VA, Maximum 150W+3kVA
Options NSK Unit NCT-59 (built-in Processor unit)
ARPA unit -Professional version-*2 NCA-877W (built-in Processor unit)
ATA unit -Common version- *2 NCA-877 (built-in Processor unit)
Performance monitor *2 NJU-64 NJU-63
Inter-swich box NQE-3141-4 (Max.4 radars)
AIS Interface unit NQA-4250 (built-in Processor unit)
Plotting Function unit NDB-34 (built-in Processor unit)
AC Rectifier NBA-3308 (100 / 110 / 115 / 200 / 230VAC)

*1: For the scanner of JMA-5330-12, AC power source is needed for the motar of scanner.

*2: For compliance with IMO reqwement, ARPA or ATA unit, and performance monitor are needed.