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The new technology JLR-10 is a type of compass which uses GPS signals to produce the ship's heading information.
The compass consists of an antenna unit , processing unit and display unit. Connection to JRC Radar models JMA-3800 and JMA-3900 series can be fully operable in both the North Up and ARPA or ATA function.


JRC original 2 antenna type

The JLR-10 adopts 2 antenna type which is superior in the direction accuracy, availability and easy installation.

No Maintenance and No Calibration

The JLR-10 needs no maintenance, compared to a standard gyrocompass which needs both regular maintenance and calibration.
In addition the JLR-10 has the following features.

Short Setting Time

The JLR-10 outputs direction information typically 3 minutes after power on.

Including GPS Receiver Functions

The JLR-10 outputs position and ground speed data as well as ship's heading.

Synchro Signal output (Optional)

The JLR-10 connects with Synchro-type of repeater compass, radar, auto-pilot, soner and tide meter thorough the optional interface.

Direct connect ion to JRC JMA-3800 and JMA-3900 series Radars

The JLR-10 outputs high speed JRC NSK Format to directly connect to the JRC Radar JMA-3800 and the JMA-3900.