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The JLN-205 Doppler Log is designed as a device of ship speed measurement and information. The JLN-205 utilizing high frequency of ultrasonic wave brings high stability and accuracy of speed measurement.
In addition, a miniaturized transducer will enable to install on the bow where is in less influence against tiny bubbles.


Stable & high accurate measurement
Easy reading of speed indication


  • Ensuring accurate measuring and stable indicating of ship speed since measurement is insensible to bubbles generated in navigation.
  • The installation on bow of what is less bubbles influence will be accomplished with a miniaturized transducer.
  • The large characters in main display helps easy glance.
  • To enable connecting GPS receiver will bring comprehensive speed information calculated by GPS information.
  • Various option units can help to configure an optimal Doppler Log system.
  • This equipment is complied with the following standards.
  • IMO Resolution A.824(19),Revised IMO Resolution MSC.96(72),IMO Resolution A.694(17).
  • IEC60945:2002,IEC61162-1:2000