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Discontinued Products


Component Model Remarks
Handset Connection Box NQE-846 Watertight type for wings
Handset Connection Box NQE-847 Indoor flush-mount type
Spare Handset HS-6000J5
Handset Hook UBP-51-10
Printer NKG-52 With printer cable and printing paper (1 roll)
Printing Paper FH65BU-2 For NKG-52, 25 m long roll
Cable for Centronics Printer 6ZCJD61000 1m to 10m long (To be specified by customer)
Remote Controller NCH-414 With handset, Up to 3 controllers can be installed.
Guard Receiver NRE-332
External Speaker NVS-423 Bulkhead mount type
External Speaker NVS-423A Flush-mount type
Antenna NAV-70A Dipole type
Antenna Supporting Stay XP-7983B For NAV-70A
Antenna Mounting Bracket MPBP30089 For NAV-70A, mode of stainless steel (Two pieces are necessary.)
Coaxial Cable RG-10/UY For antenna cable
Flush-mount fitting 4B21367 For JHS-32B
Flush-mount fitting 4B21368 For NCH-414
Flush-mount fitting MPBP02915 For NKG-52
Flush-mount fitting 4B21369 NRE-332